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Property Settlements

Our office is located just up the road from St Clair Shopping Centre and is nestled in an otherwise residential area, where parking is easily accessible. Our St Clair office staff specialise in parenting and property matters, as well as other issues which accompany separation. Our staff are also readily available to assist in wills and estate matters.

Address : 238 Bennett Road
(at the Banks Drive Rd roundabout)
St Clair NSW 2759

Post: 238 Bennett Road St Clair 2759

Phone: 1300 4FAMILY

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Kate Rafton Principal
Tim Mara Principal Solicitor Parramatta
Cassandra Youssef Senior Solicitor
Menaka Prasad Senior Solicitor
Natasha Speirs Solicitor
Nadine Rahaal Solicitor
Fathia Matter Solicitor
Michelle Morgan Paralegal
Yvette Morris Paralegal
Jo Scott Office Manager
Ashlee Morris Administrative Support
Amanda Allen Accounts

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