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Buying or selling a house doesn’t need to be stressful.

At Rafton Family Lawyers we can guide you through the process, providing clear and easy to understand advice at every stage.

We have the experience and expertise necessary to ensure your property transaction runs smoothly and we make sure that we meet all of the important deadlines, keeping you informed along the way.

Read on for a simple overview of how we can help you, and what it might cost….

Sale and Purchase, a step by step guide
Sale Process

Step 1
  • You have decided to list your property for sale.
  • Instruct our office to prepare a Contract for the Sale of Land to be Prepared and send to your Real Estate Agent.
Step 2
  • Once you have agreed on a purchase price, we will arrange for exchange.
  • Should you enter into a cooling off period we will ensure all requirements are fulfilled prior to contracts becoming unconditional.
Step 3
  • Arrange and book in settlement with all required parties.
  • Obtain payout figure and calculate all settlement figures.
Step 4
  • All keys must be delivered to your Real Estate Agent.
  • Settlement takes place.
  • You have sold your property.
Sales of Property

Capped fee of $1,980.00 (including GST)

Fees Include:

  • Professional Fees
  • Disbursements
  • City Agents- Title Search
  • City Agents – Deposited Plan
  • City Agents – 88B Instrument
  • Section 149 Certificate from Council
  • Drainage Diagram from Water Board
  • City Agents – Attend at Settlement Fee
  • All Photocopying/Facsimiles/Phone Calls

Additional fees maybe charged

Do I need to pay upfront?

We seek an initial payment off you of $200. This amount covers our expenses and certificate from council. The balance of fees owing can be paid on settlement.

Call one of our friendly staff now to discuss if you need further information. We are conviniently located in Sydney, Richmond, Parramatta, Glenmore Park & St. Clair

Purchase of Property

Capped fee of $2,000.00 (including GST)

Fees Include:

  • Professional Fees
  • Disbursements included
  • JAK Inspections – Building and Pest Report
  • City Agents – Properties enquiries (council, water and land tax fees)
  • City Agents – Attend at settlement
  • City Agents – Final Search before settlement
  • City Agents –on settlement and return with cheques
  • All Photocopying/Facsimiles/Phone Calls

Additional fees maybe charged

Additional fees:

Survey (if required estimate of $550 including GST)
Strata Report (if required estimate of $550 including GST)

Read our plain English handbooks

These fact sheets are designed to provide an overview of the relevant issues and systems so that you have a better understanding of the process.


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Whether you are buying or selling your first home, an investment property or a block of land, having an experienced legal team on hand to guide you through the process and ensure your transaction runs smoothly is critical. That’s where Rafton Conveyancying can help.

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