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Care & Protection Fact Sheets

The fact sheets contained in this section of the website are designed to help people involved in Children’s Court matters concerning the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) in care and protection.

They are NOT for parties in family law disputes.

If you are seeking information about family law matters, please refer to the family law fact sheets about attending court and court orders in family law matters.

Alternately, contact us by email or phone our office on 1300 4FAMILY and we can provide you with a copy.

In the following fact sheets you will find information about:

Contesting A Will – What You Need To Know?

In Australia each state has a different set of rules which apply when contesting a Will, so it is exceptionally important that if you intend on contesting a will, you do it in your state. In NSW eligible persons can contest a will by applying to the Supreme Court for...

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Going to Children’s Court

The Children’s Court of New South Wales hears children’s care and protection cases.  You will often hear these referred to as “care matters”.  The Children’s Court also deals with criminal law cases with children under the age of 18 however these generally sit in a...

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Principals of the Care & Protection Act

There are several principles and objects of the Care & Protection Act.  If you are interested in reading more about the Act, we will refer you to another fact sheet that details about Family mediation and etc. where you can download information from the internet or...

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Stages of Court Proceedings

If you find yourself before the Children’s Court in respect to an Application, it is likely that documents have been served on you. There are several stages to Court proceedings and several options available in Court proceedings in the care and protection area. If...

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Orders That Can Be Made

At the conclusion of the final hearing, the Magistrate will make a range of Orders that can cover the following: Long term parental responsibility for the children. Contact between yourself and the children and other relevant persons. Provision of support services....

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Varying Orders

In some circumstances, parties will seek to vary or rescind care Orders after they have been made for a period of time. As a general rule, it is extremely difficult to set aside Orders and parties that bring such applications to the Court must show there has been “a...

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Your Responsibilities

As part of your proceedings in the Children’s Court, you have a number of responsibilities to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome for your children. It is important, even though things can get emotive and heated, that where possible you cooperate at all...

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Disputes and Complaints

In some cases that we deal with, our clients wish to make a complaint about the handling of their matter and have a grievance or dispute with the Department of Family and Community Services. This fact sheet provides guidance in making a complaint.  Please discuss any...

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These fact sheets are designed to provide an overview of the relevant issues and systems so that you have a better understanding of the process.