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    Who We Are

    Rafton Family Lawyers is a specialist family and divorce law practice in Richmond, Parramatta and other areas of Sydney.

    With a team of highly qualified and experienced Sydney family lawyers, we are able to offer the full range of family law services such as property settlements, children’s issues, Court representation and other divorce law matters. We take pride in our professional, friendly and down-to- earth approach in dealing with your family situations.

    In a dynamic and ever-changing world where the conventional family is not as common as it has been historically, family law solicitors at Rafton Family Lawyers recognise the importance of always being up to date with the most recent developments in the law, ensuring that the team is always in the best position to advise you.


    At Rafton Family Lawyers our team is ready to assist you with any family law matters, whether you are contemplating partnering, separating, parenting or a property settlement. Our team also specialises in family court matters, wills and estates, child custody issues, spousal maintenance and ofcourse separation and divorce.


    Wills and Estates

    Regardless of whether you simply own one car, or ten and have a multimillion dollar investment portfolio, when commencing, or ending, a relationship it is important to consider what would happen to your estate if you were to pass away. Moreover, it is important to consider who you would want to be in charge (inside or outside your family) of managing your financial affairs and decisions regarding your health and wellbeing should you ever be unable to make such decisions yourself.


    Marriage and De-facto Relationships

    Our law firm can assist in relation to all areas of family law, including those which involve a marriage or de facto relationship, whether the parties are of the same sex or not. Our firm, based in sydney nsw, can assist with the preparation of enforceable pre-nuptial agreements, or the de facto equivalent, namely binding financial agreements. Your family lawyer will be an expert solicitor who will have experience in effective resolution of disputes.



    When a relationship ends, there is often property which is either owned by one or both parties. The length of the relationship and other circumstances dictate what each party is entitled to retain upon separation. These circumstances are provided in the Family Law Act 1975 and other relevant case law. The law and its application to your circumstances can be explained in every day terms by one of our friendly team members.



    Separated with children – where to now Rafton Family Lawyers understands the impact of separation on children in the family and can work with you to negotiate a parenting plan or parenting arrangements with your spouse, to ensure that the impact of separation on your children is minimal. Whether you and your partner already have an agreement or are able to come to an agreement through negotiations with us, we are able to prepare and file Consent Orders, which essentially finalise the matter of parenting and provide a legally enforceable plan moving forward



    Like many other things in life, our firm recognises that sometimes relationships do not go as planned, and you can find yourself stuck in a bind at times. We can also help with this. Our firm recognises that no two relationships are the same and we have successfully applied for divorce between parties who have been married for just weeks, as well as those who have been married for decades. No matter how long your relationship was, our team are ready to advise you in relation to separation, divorce and the many other implications which often accompany such a decision, depending on your circumstances.

    • Divorce and Separation
    • Collaborative Family Law
    • Children’s Issues
    • Child Support Rights and Obligations
    • Financial Agreements
    • Mediation and Dispute Resolution
    • Domestic Violence Issues and AVOs
    • FACS Care and Protection

    Our Team

    Kate Rafton


    Tim Mara

    Principal Solicitor Parramatta

    Cassandra Youssef

    Senior Solicitor

    Menaka Prasad

    Senior Solicitor

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    What our clients say about us

    Samantha from Rafton Lawyers in St Clair was so helpful. Highly recommended.

    Amanda Hampshire

    Great solicitors very helpful!

    Luke Mcculloch

    Rafton are absolutely amazing,you are treated like family with love and care and they fight as hard as humanly possible for you. I have been given nothing but kindness and understanding and it feels more like family then a solicitor. I cannot recommend them enough.They have relived so much stress and anxiety and are no doubt on your side.Their professionalism cannot be beat but also treat you with great respect.

    Jennah Leezak

    The team of Kate Rafton, Menaka Prasad, Jami Gardiner, Jackie Stewart, Jo Scott were extremely generous and giving with their efforts to help me with my child family matter. I rang constantly, changed my appointments endlessly, there was never a single compliant, only understanding, patience and kindness towards me. I could never have met the compliance deadlines set for my final orders and my final trial affidavit without Kate, Menaka and Jaimi's help.

    Ridwan Hassim

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