What are the steps in arranging a mediation to see my children?

Separation is a difficult time for all parties involved including the children. Unfortunately, in many cases parents are unable to communicate directly with each other to arrange an agreement for each parent to spend time with the children.

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that can be helpful to assist the parties reach an agreement with the assistance of an independent and skilled third party, the mediator.

Mediation can be accessed by either a federally funded family relationship centre or through private mediation. The family relationship centres have a lengthy waiting list whereas a private mediation can be arranged within weeks.

The mediator, being an independent and impartial person, will address parenting issues with the focus of the best interest of the children to assist the parties to reach an agreement for parenting arrangements on a final basis.

In some cases, mediation is not appropriate to occur. You will be advised by the mediation organisation if you matter is suitable and if so, they will invite the other parent to participate.

In the event the other parent refuses to participate in the mediation, the mediator will issue you will a section 60I certificate. This certificate should be included in your application to the court for interim and final parenting orders.

Please contact our office to obtain details of the private mediation organisations that we recommend.

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