Orders That Can Be Made

At the conclusion of the final hearing, the Magistrate will make a range of Orders that can cover the following:

  1. Long term parental responsibility for the children.
  2. Contact between yourself and the children and other relevant persons.
  3. Provision of support services.
  4. Supervision of you, with the children returning to your care but being under the supervision of FACS for a period of up to 2 years.
  5. You make an undertaking to the Court for a range of things, such as not to consume alcohol while the children are in your care or not to remove the children from their current school.
  6. You are required to take the children to certain therapeutic programs in respect to issues of abuse.

In respect to any Orders made, these will be discussed in full with your Solicitor at the conclusion of the hearing.

It is important to note that once Orders are made, they can be made for a period of time ranging from 12 in months duration, up to and including when your child turns the age of 18.  Orders that are made by the Court are final and binding and, except in a small number of cases, cannot be appealed or set aside without a further application to the Court.

See also our fact sheet on the variation and rescission of Orders.

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