Do I Need to Mediate?

by | Jul 27, 2021 | Mediation and Dispute Resolution, News

Mediation is an alternative pathway to reach a resolution in your family law dispute as opposed to a traditional legal pathway.  In many cases mediation can work hand in hand with obtaining advice from a lawyer. 

The process of mediation is regulated by the Attorney General’s Department and involves specially trained mediators, usually family lawyers but also those with a social science background, that have been accredited to conduct mediations with the Attorney General’s Department.  This means that they have undertaken additional and specific training in mediation for family law matters.

A mediator is not a legal representative and unlike your lawyer does not advocate for you or represent you, however, they can assist to mediate your dispute and hopefully see a successful resolution.

We frequently represent clients during the process of mediation to assist them to reach legal outcomes in a non legal manner and hopefully to save them significant fees and charges.

We highly recommend mediation as a pathway for resolution of both parenting and property matters in appropriate cases.