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by | Mar 29, 2023 | Family Lawyers, Family Law

Rafton Family Lawyers have an award winning team of specialist lawyers in this area who can assist with family law enquiries.

Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience of over 100 years in family law combined which makes us the leading family law firm in Western Sydney.  We also have the largest amount of accredited specialists in this area.

Members of our team have been acknowledged in the Doyle’s Guide which is a peer reviewed process in determining leaders in the field.

What to Expect at your Initial Consultation

We offer consultations via telephone, zoom or in person at our convenient six locations across Sydney and Western Sydney.  The initial consultation is an opportunity to meet with your lawyer to discuss your family law issue.  They will take details and a background from you after our office conducts a conflict check in the first instance to ensure that we do not have a conflict in representing you.

Once your appointment is booked in, the time and date will be allocated and your lawyer will meet with you for usually 1 to 1.5 hours depending how long is required to take a detailed history of your matter and to provide you with some advice and assistance.  If you already have a matter on foot or proceedings on foot or have received a letter from your ex partner’s, ex husband or ex wife’s solicitor, please provide or bring any of those appropriate documents to your appointment so that we can tailor the advice if necessary.

At the initial consultation we charge just a one off fee of $275.00 including GST and that is the only fee that we will charge to you unless you instruct us to do any further work in your matter. Our initial consultations do not have any hidden fees or charges.

Costs in Family Law Proceedings

Costs in family law proceedings can vary and our initial consultation is an important opportunity to discuss that with you depending on the type of matter that you have.  At the initial consult, we will provide an overview of what the likely costs might be if you decide to instruct us again after your appointment.  We also provide after the initial consultation a cost agreement in writing that will be emailed or posted to you.  This cost agreement sets out all future fees and charges and will set out clearly the hourly rates for each of the lawyers that are involved in your matter including your principal lawyer for the file as well as fees and charges for other disbursements such as photocopying and postage and filing fees at the court, if necessary.

In some matters we do offer lump sum fees such as for drafting of consent orders or agreements and these lump sum fees are also detailed in our cost agreement.

If you do decide to consult us again after your initial appointment, then you need to advise us of that in writing or contact us again and the cost agreement that has been sent will then dictate the basis upon which fees and charges will be made in your matter throughout the course and conduct of your matter until the conclusion.


Our family lawyers are available at numerous locations across Sydney or Western Sydney.  If more convenient, we do phone or zoom appointments.  Our offices are located in locations that have access to public transport and/or free parking at the premises but please ask our friendly receptionist when you are booking if you have any concerns in relation to your in person appointment.  If your appointment is via telephone the solicitor will contact you at the nominated time and date.  If it is via zoom, a zoom link would normally be sent on the day of your appointment so keep an eye out on your email inbox.

Please refer any enquiries to our 24 hour hotline (02) 45785611.