What to Expect at Your Initial Consultation with Expert family Lawyer Penrith Richmond Windsor South Penrith Bligh Park

by | Apr 9, 2024 | Family Law, Family Lawyers

Initial Consultation with Expert Family Lawyer

by Cassandra Youssef

Seeing a lawyer for the first time can feel stressful but it really shouldn’t be.  The following tips will help you get the most out of your first consultation with Rafton Family Lawyers expert lawyers in Penrith Richmond Windsor so that it is a positive experience for you.

How to Prepare Before the Conference with your Family Lawyer

  • Make a list of any important questions you have or things that are worrying you. By making a list you can refer to it during the conference with your lawyer, so you don’t forget something important.
  • Think about important dates such as date of marriage, date of divorce, dates of birth for all involved including children, when assets were bought and sold or other important events. You will be asked for these dates during the conference. Please do not worry if you are unsure of details during the first conference as this happens quite often. Those dates and details can be confirmed at a later point.
  • If you are discussing property, think about preparing a rough list of all the assets and debts you have and your estimated value for each. This includes superannuation. You may wish to check your latest superannuation statement or via the MyGov website.

During the Conference

  • At the start of the conference the lawyer may ask you several questions to begin with. This is to ensure they get a full picture of your situation prior to providing advice.
  • Refer to your own questions or the list of things that are worrying you to make sure those have been covered in the conference.
  • Ask questions or seek more information if you do not understand something. Sometimes lawyers tend to speak in legal jargon, but it is the lawyer’s job to explain their advice clearly to you.
  • The lawyer will provide advice to you and discuss different options including potential costs and will provide advice as to which option would be best for you.
  • If you have concerns about funding, the lawyer can discuss options that might be suitable for you such as litigation funding.

Who Can Attend the Conference?

  • You can bring a friend or family member to the conference if that will make you feel more comfortable.
  • Sometimes when couples reach an amicable agreement, they wish to attend upon a lawyer together to fomalise their agreement. Lawyers can only act for one party and therefore your ex-partner cannot attend due to a conflict of interest.

What Happens After the Conference with your Family Lawyer?

  • You will receive a detailed letter via email containing a summary of your instructions and the advice provided to you. You will also receive information and various important brochures from the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.
  • If the lawyer has recommended a referral to another service provider, such as mediation, the lawyer will provide those details in the letter.
  • You will receive the Client Cost Agreement which outlines how you will be charged if you proceed.
  • If you wish to instruct the lawyer to begin work on your behalf, you will be required to sign the Cost Agreement and provide a deposit into our trust account.

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to receive advice, ask questions and discuss options for your unique situation. The team at Rafton Family Lawyers Richmond Penrith Windsor Bligh Park aim to empower you with advice and information so that you can make decisions that are best for you and your family.