Mediations [The Way Of The Future]

The team at Rafton Family Lawyers in our offices across Penrith, Parramatta and the Hawkesbury region are able to provide assistance in relation to mediations.  

We work hand in hand with some partner organisations to refer our clients for cost effective and efficient mediations particularly where children are concerned. 

There are a number of excellent organisations in the region that are able to provide assistance.  The Government also has introduced a pathway for parties who may not have access to funds to pay privately for mediation along with the Attorney General’s Assistance line.

For any parties who are not current clients of our firm, we are able to offer mediations at our offices at Penrith, Glenmore Park, Richmond, Parramatta and in Sydney with no fee charged for room hire and convenient break out rooms available in addition to our large boardrooms.

A mediation typically commences with opening statements and a discussion of what is expected during the mediation process.  Parties then generally make an opening statement of what they would like to achieve during the mediation and discuss the issues they are facing.  The mediator sometimes then draws up an agenda with action items so we can make sure everything is covered during the mediation.

The parties then start discussing the issue with each person given an opportunity to speak.  In some matters, this is done via a shuttle conference, which allows each party to speak to the mediator without having the other person present.  This is mainly in cases where there are issues of family violence or concern.

The parties then spend time discussing proposals and hopefully formulating an agreement.  If lawyers are present, any agreement can be drafted on the day or shortly afterwards.

The mediator will then spend sometime confirming the agreement and any areas od disagreements and a way forward to see a resolution.

Some other organisations who provide excellent resources are:

Read our plain English handbooks

These fact sheets are designed to provide an overview of the relevant issues and systems so that you have a better understanding of the process.

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