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Family disputes can be traumatic and need to be managed with the right emotional and legal intellect. We understand the kind of uncertainty and confusion that family problems entail. Thus, we offer expert family law assistance through our experienced team of solicitors and paralegal professionals. 

Generally, when people contact us, they are invariably going through stressful times. Hoping that you get through this phase soon, we would like to assure you that our approachable team of family lawyers in Penrith is ready to offer help whenever you need it. 

Family law issues are complex, and it's hard to get a favourable result. Our expert solicitors have years of experience in dealing with such matters. We provide practical advice to clients after analysing the case well.

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Applying for a divorce can be emotionally and physically draining. There are several aspects of a divorce petition that can complicate the issue further. To cut the clutter and get the most practical advice, contact Rafton Family Lawyers, the best family lawyers in Penrith

For a divorce in Australia, the husband and wife must mandatorily be separated for a minimum of 12 months. So, only on satisfying the separation criteria, you will be able to file for divorce. 

Separation needs to be in both physical and abstract terms. Living separately, ending daily social contact, and at least one party believing that the marriage has practically ended are the primary criterion for legal separation. To know all details of separation and the legal rights of a spouse/parent, you can take advice from our highly qualified family law solicitors in Penrith. 

Discuss all issues, understand your options, identify practical solutions, and know the cost estimates of legal proceedings. We have the best divorce lawyers in Penrith who will help make this exhausting transition smooth for you. 

Drafting a Will and estate planning are the most neglected topics in Australian households. According to studies, 40 per cent of Australians die without creating a will. Ultimately, the family lands into financial trouble while already witnessing tough times after the death. To protect your loved ones from this ordeal, contact Rafton today. We have the best Wills and Estate lawyers in Penrith, who will guide you about the planning process. 

Unplanned Wills that do not reflect the allocations clearly is the reason behind hundreds of family disputes. Get a consultation from the best wills lawyer in Penrith today to ensure no scope whatsoever of a dispute in your Will. 

But what happens if you are a victim and are wrongly provided for in a Will? Law allows you to contest a Will in such situations. However, the case needs to be strong, and all facts should be presented in the right way to prove your claim. Needless to say, you will need expert assistance in such cases. Family solicitors at Rafton's have successfully helped several such clients. Even for defending a Will, Rafton is the only firm with the most qualified probate lawyer in Penrith

Legal proceedings bring a lot of mental trauma. When children get involved too, the process can become overwhelming for the family. Legal aid from experienced lawyers helps in getting Child Support quickly. At Rafton, the most trusted law firms in Penrith, we understand how complex such situations are and offer comprehensive legal guidance to ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders. 

Any child, 18 or below, is entitled to financial support if his or her parents get separated. However, negotiating an agreement about how this cost will be split is a daunting task. With guidance from the most experienced family law specialist in Penrith, we shall help you agree about allocating money for fixed expenses. 

As parents, you have several responsibilities towards your children to ensure that the separation does not impact them adversely. Cooperating with the Family and Community Services is another obligation. Our experts will explain all these aspects of Child Support to you. So, if you want the most reliable Penrith legal aid, get in touch with us today. 

Whenever a dispute is raised in the family, the best outcome is its complete resolution, once and for all. However, the judicial system is overburdened, and it's challenging to get your case heard instantly. Therefore, alternative forms of dispute resolution became popular. Rafton has the most experienced alternative dispute resolution solicitors in Penrith NSW. 

Our expertise lies in Mediation. a simple procedure where a trained and impartial moderator helps both parties discuss every aspect of their dispute. It is an informal meeting held outside court, aimed at a settlement only. The most significant advantage of mediation is that it prevents hostility between the parties, often seen during judicial proceedings. 

The success of a mediation depends on the expertise of the mediator. Preventing heated arguments and still driving the discussion towards a settlement is not an easy job to do. There are very few family law solicitors in Penrith NSW who can mediate between disputing parties for an amicable solution. We are proud to say that we have a whole team of such experienced lawyers with us. 

Property disputes are probably the most common cause of family disputes. Be it a controversial Will or a post-divorce division of the real estate, and legal property settlement becomes a significant agreement between parties. Dividing property, especially post-separation, is not an easy task to do. 

Proper analysis of available property concerning the relationship, the contribution of each partner in every such real estate asset, and the future requirements of both partners has to be done to facilitate a settlement. 

In highly technical matters like these, only an accomplished lawyer can make things work. If you live around Penrith, contact Rafton today for a property settlement consultation session. You will be guided by the most astute property lawyers in Penrith. 

Get in touch for the specialised family lawyers in Penrith

We have a proven track record of working hard on cases and finalising agreements by completing legal formalities. Negotiating for a peaceful dispute resolution requires experience. 

That's why the experienced team at Rafton should be your first choice for cases related to separation, child support, parenting, divorce, etc. Contact the best family law solicitor in Penrith to seek legal assistance. We shall get through this together. 

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    What Our Clients Are Saying?

    Amanda Hampshire

    Samantha from Rafton Lawyers in St Clair was so helpful. Highly recommended.

    Ridwan Hassim

    The team of Kate Rafton, Menaka Prasad, Jami Gardiner, Jackie Stewart, Jo Scott were extremely generous and giving with their efforts to help me with my child family matter. I rang constantly, changed my appointments endlessly, there was never a single compliant, only understanding, patience and kindness towards me. I could never have met the compliance deadlines set for my final orders and my final trial affidavit without Kate, Menaka and Jaimi's help.

    Jennah Leezak

    Rafton are absolutely amazing,you are treated like family with love and care and they fight as hard as humanly possible for you. I have been given nothing but kindness and understanding and it feels more like family then a solicitor. I cannot recommend them enough.They have relived so much stress and anxiety and are no doubt on your side.Their professionalism cannot be beat but also treat you with great respect.

    Luke Mcculloch

    Great solicitors very helpful!

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