How to Find the Best Family Lawyer in Penrith for Separation and Divorce

by | May 28, 2024 | Divorce and Separation

Navigating Separation and Divorce:  Finding the Best Family Lawyer Penrith

In the midst of the Plaza and Panthers Stadium our team at Rafton Family Lawyers Penrith are located conveniently at 62 Warwick Street Penrith with free off-street parking available.

If you are trying to navigate the complexities of divorce, a custody or separation issue, child support or financial settlements after a relationship breakup our specialist team of family lawyers have the right legal advice and support that can make a real difference.

In this Information Sheet we will look at the key reasons when searching for the best family lawyer in the Penrith area that make our firm unique and a leader in this area:

  1. Research your local options – Penrith has a diverse legal opportunity and numerous law firms as well as individual practitioners advertising Family Law services. Begin your search by looking carefully at Lawyers that are Accredited Specialists which means they have undertaken additional training through the Law Society of NSW to be able to gain the title as an Accredited Specialist in Family Law.   Having a title of family lawyer simply means that they have completed a law degree and now practice in that area however the unique title of Accredited Specialist Family Law means that they have completed additional training and have been recognised with that title.

It is also important to research reviews and testimonials and the level of experience of the lawyer that you engage.

At Rafton Family Lawyers we have more Accredited Specialists in Family Law practicing in the Penrith area than any other firm nearby and we also have the most experienced lawyers all with more than 8 years’ experience.

  1. Understanding your needs – before embarking and seeking assistance we will ask you some questions at the initial consultation to see if you are looking at assistance with divorce, financial settlement, custody arrangements, adoption or child support. All of these areas we specialise in under the Family Law umbrella and if you consult us in the Penrith office our specialist team of lawyers will be able to assist you to make sure that we provide advice and guidance in this specific area.
  2. Transparency and communication – effective communication is one of the hallmarks of an important lawyer/client relationship. As we have a huge amount of experience and specialty with our Penrith Family Lawyer team we can provide you with the best advice and assistance and make recommendations as needed.  We are able to provide the advice immediately without seeking input from other experts as our team are highly qualified and are able to answer your questions straight away.
  3. Our specialist initial consultation – our expert team of family lawyers in our Penrith office can offer you appointments and expertise in family law either via telephone, a zoom or Microsoft teams video call or a face to face meeting at our Penrith office or at an office suitable to you at our other 7 locations. We do charge a flat fee of $250.00 for the initial consultation which enables our lawyers to provide you with advice, recommendations and then to follow up with you and provide costing if you would like to progress beyond that initial meeting.   There are no other hidden costs, we do not do any other work after the initial consultation unless you instruct us to do so.  We also have options available for funding if you are unable to meet the initial cost up front.  Please email our friendly team at Penrith if you would like further information

Overall, finding the best family lawyer in Penrith requires consideration of many factors including the personal capabilities, communication, the specialisation of the lawyer and the reputation of the law firm.   We recommend that you research us online and speak to our friendly team if you have any concerns or queries.  Otherwise, you can book an initial consultation immediately online or by contacting our friendly team.

We offer a 50% discount on our normal hourly rate for initial consultations at just $250 plus GST.  Our expert specialist family lawyers will answer your questions and provide advise with NO obligation to proceed.  After the one off initial meeting, you decide if you wish to engage us further and if you choose to do so we can then discuss fees and charges moving forward depending on your specific matter.

Contact our friendly team on or book online using our booking system for real time availability