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We offer advice and legal representation in the following areas:


Family Law

Separation and family breakdowns are difficult for everyone concerned. At Rafton Family Lawyers we understand the complexities of family law and the importance of having an experienced family lawyer to guide you through the process of separation and divorce.


Care & Protection

Care and Protection is the area of law that focuses on the safety of children and their protection from abuse and neglect. It is important to note that this is not the same as Family Law and families involved in a Care and Protection matter may not be in a family dispute.


Wills & Estates

Having an up to date Will is a really important way of making sure that your family and loved ones are taken care of – even after you die.
A legal Will is a document that names the people you want to receive the things that you own after you die.



Buying or selling a house doesn’t need to be stressful.
At Rafton Family Lawyers we can guide you through the process, providing clear and easy to understand advice at
every stage.

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